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Who are Sonographers Medical Australia?
SONOGRAPHERS Medical Australia has been set up to assist Australians in preparing the appropriate paperwork and documents required to work in the United Kingdom Health Service as a Sonographer or Radiographer.

SONOGRAPHERS Medical Australia will refer all clients wishing to work in the UK to SONOGRAPHERS Medical in the United Kingdom. Once you are working in the United Kingdom you have  a choice to either be employees of SONOGRAPHERS Medical or opt to work through a limited company arrangement - see below.

SONOGRAPHERS Medical Australia and SONOGRAPHERS Medical will work closely together to ensure you get the best advice and service.

How often and how much do I get paid?
As a locum radiographer / sonographer you will be paid weekly into a bank account of your choice.  L
ocum Sonographer Pay rates are no longer a National standard for any Agency. A large number of hospitals now have agreements to supply staff at a fixed pay rate with rates varying from hospital to hospital.  In general, pay rates vary from 26.50 to 35.00 for Sonographers and 17.00 to 27.00 for Radiographers depending on location and qualifications.

How can I set up a bank account?
On your arrival in the UK, Sonographers Medical can provide you with a letter of introduction to Citibank.  You will need a UK address, proof of ID and our letter to get an account.

What are the benefits of a limited company?
In simple terms, due to tax benefits, you get more money in your pocket at the end of the week.  We strongly suggest you seek professional assistance prior to setting up a limited company to avoid breaking any Inland Revenue rules and regulations.

To assist, SONOGRAPHERS Medical has reached an agreement with Actar Ellis Brown & Co., Chartered Accountants to establish and manage such companies for a minimum commission charge.

With the minimum of paperwork, AEB can employ you in a Limited Company, specifically designed to provide you with a greater amount of money in your pocket at the end of the week. Each week, they invoice us for your gross pay and then pay you.

To recompense you for the absence of Annual Leave payments your hourly rate is increased further enhancing your take home pay.

SONOGRAPHERS Medical are confident that this method of working is of benefit to a large number of our locums.  As this is not an area of our  expertise we can therefore pass on basic contact details, if you wish, to AEB, who can then send on a detailed information pack and answer specific queries.

How much does it cost to get set up before I go?

The Health Professions Council (HPC) is the main cost with a 200 (about A$550) application fee plus an extra
120 once accepted.  Remember that this is less than a week's pay in the UK.  Your 'Right to Work'  visa costs between $100 and $200 (more than that for Right of Abode and UK passports).  When applying for a working holidaymaker visa you will need to prove you have enough funds to support yourself in the UK for at least the first month.

What about accommodation?
Some hospitals have nursing quarters which you can rent for a reasonable price.  Generally, these hospitals are outside London however within London you will need to find your own accommodation.  A good place to look for accommodation is Gumtree.com (lots of antipodeans advertise on this site) and also the London newspaper Loot.

I am a sonographer but not radiographer - can I still work as a sonographer in the UK?
Some hospitals require any employee to be state registered.  Non-radiographers cannot register with the HPC.  There will be positions available but they will be limited.  We suggest sonographers with a non-radiographic background join BMUS to strengthen their resume and if possible, register with an alternative Council such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) for nursing staff.

Do I need a uniform?
You will need to obtain a white tunic which you wear with trousers or a skirt.  Different hospitals have different coloured trims for different professions so white is the best all round choice if you are planning on moving around.  The best place to get them in London is Alexandria's, 3 Hanover Square, London (off Oxford Street).  Nearest tube is Oxford Circus. Tel: 020 7491 8010



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